Our Mold Assessment provides you with specific guidance for addressing potential mold-related issues in your home. 

Mold assessments performed by a State of Florida licensed Inspector; John P. Grant, License# MRSA 3355 


We are your premier mold inspectors in Central Florida. You can schedule your mold service online with us 24/7, 365 days a year!

Our Mold Assessments 

Our assessment includes interior/exterior inspection of the home for moisture intrusion, potential visible microbial growth and conditions that may be conducive for growth. Processes we use are interior infrared scans, air sampling for airborne spore levels, swab or tape direct sampling and laboratory testing. Our comprehensive report includes laboratory data and analysis on the types and quantity of mold spores in your home. 


Determination of origin (source of moisture)


Determination of identity (what type of microbial growth)


Determination of precise location (including hidden) mold


Detailed evaluation of building history


Determination of extent of (hidden along with visible) mold


Provide a written protocol (if needed) for remediation

Certified Mold Testing

Our testing protocols are set by The State of Florida, AMMA (American Mold & Moisture Association), Pro-Lab and IAC2 (The International Association of Certified Indoor Air Consultants). Pro-Lab is an AIHA LAP certified environmental laboratory (ISO/IE 1705:2005) which have a proven track record for analyzing air quality and mold testing samples. There are several different methods of mold testing offered by Grant Inspection Services. 

  • Open Air Sampling 
  • Swab/Tape Contact Sampling 
  • Inside Wall (BoroScope)Sampling 

Moisture Evaluations

Our inspectors perform a visual site evaluation of the areas you suspect of mold or moisture. Using moisture meters and infrared cameras, the inspector can help identify active leaks or areas with the potential for water intrusion. We will provide recommendations on how to correct these high-risk areas and help you decide if mold samples would be beneficial at this time.

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We are the best IAQ professionals in all of Central Florida – and we are dedicated to every one of our clients. If you are worried about the quality of the air in your home or commercial building, contact us today for your IAQ assessment.

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